Services provided by the institution to all Catalan sports federations.

Press Service

The Press Service focuses on reaching the largest audience possible in order to promote federated sports in Catalonia.

Its main activities are:

. Newspaper pages: spreading federated sports news to el Mundo Deportivo, Sport, l'Esportiu de Catalunya, Diari de Girona and Diari Segre, as well as on the Union’s own website.

. Bi-monthly institutional newsletter sent to subscribers.

. Coordinate and manage the content to spread sport to children.

. Administer the newspaper library, where pages of the Unió can be found.

. Coordinate and update the contents on UFEC T.V.

Zona UFEC:
. manage the production of the program, broadcast weekly on Esport3.
. Social media management of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
. Coordinate the contents on the Union’s blog.
. Serve as the press office for the Union and for any federation that requests it.

Including as a service, cover the needs of federations related to:

- Promote and define campaigns and programs that aim to represent all federations.

- Marketing consulting service.

- Image service and communication actions in Federations (design of logos, posters, web, branding, etc.).