Services provided by the institution to all Catalan sports federations.

Accounting Service

The economic and accounting aspects of the Union are managed by this department, as well as those of the sports facilities run by the organisation.

The department:

· Gives advice to the sports federations that require it as well as collaborating with those that don't have their own in-house accounting services.

· Resolves any queries that may arise.

· Promotes the use of IT management tools to facilitate and modernise economic processes.

· Takes rigorous care of the Union’s finances, constantly monitoring them and ensuring maximum financial solvency.

· Guarantees the utmost confidentiality regarding the accounting information of the federations, as well as all affairs related to its funding.

· Maintains economic relationships between public bodies and Catalan federations as users of public funds.

· Fights to successfully achieve subsidies from the public administration on behalf of the federations and the Union itself.

· Coordinates and controls finances within the annual budget.

· Supports the General Secretary as well as collaborating with the Fiscal and Labour departments.